TFS Api – May 2013 Release

Earlier this month it was announced that we are working on an API that wraps around the current TFS API. We have now released the first publicly available release of the API.

Our first release is focused on the Administration of TFS, below is a quick over of what you can find when trolling through the API and source code.

  • Team Project Collections
    • Create
    • List
    • Delete**
  • Team Projects
    • Create
    • List
    • Delete*
  • Process Templates
    • List
    • Upload
    • Download
    • Set Default
    • Delete
  • Iterations
    • List
      • Flat
      • Tree
    • Add
    • Delete
    • Check if a path already exists
    • Check if the Iteration path is visible for iteration planning

* Requires Visual Studio installation (uses command line).

** Needs to run on the TFS Server

We will be adding more to the administration namespace as well as working on other areas of TFS. At a quick glance you can see that the Area management is currently missing, this will be including in future versions of the API and will have a similar structure to the iterations.

You can find the current documentation on the documentation site,

The code in the API is targeted at TFS 2012 and uses some Visual Studio 11 (2012) features to interact with TFS. Although some code might work against earlier version, it was not tested with those versions.

The Codeplex release can be found here.

Please feel free to provide feedback on the API. Any and all feedback will be read and discussed.


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